A feature lacked by Open Office is the ability to edit DOCX documents and the feature lacked by Microsoft Word is the ability to edit ODT documents. In the war of setting standards for a default document, Open Office had an upper hand. But due to the huge acceptance of Microsoft Word all over the world, people still opt for this and refuse to go for a free Microsoft word processor even if they have no house-no food-no shelter, the basic needs overlooked by all.

Frankly speaking, I would rather go for a free word editor like notepad or WordPad, rather than using a cracked version. It could result in various problems like getting sued by Microsoft (if they catch you) or the crack could have a hidden virus which could steal all your passwords and send it to the creator or worse it could infect your PC and it may stop working till you format it. Now tell me is it worth all this headache? Finding a proper crack and then installing a cracked version, finding a virus and then reformatting the whole PC.

Although Microsoft word could beat any other word editing software hands down, it still has its own limitations and bugs. I remember when I first bought Microsoft office 2003. I myself reported around 8-9 errors on its support site. Just wish it could get better.